Everlasting Florals

Our paper flowers are individually crafted by hand on a made-to-order basis and are available for purchase or rent. Each flower is made of premium, heavy weight cardstock and includes a wire loop on the back for hanging. We are able to match almost any event colors or room decor with a selection of 125+ matte and metallic cardstock colors.

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How do I reserve flowers for my event?

Flower reservations can be made using our Rental Inquiry Form.  We currently offer sets of flowers in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.  The small set includes 10 flowers (3 Medium, 4 Small, 3 XSmall) and rents for $50/day.  The medium set includes 14 flowers (1 XLarge, 3 Large, 5 Medium, 5 Small) and rents for $100/day.  The large set includes 28 flowers (3 XLarge, 5 Large, 9 Medium, 11 Small) and rents for $200/day.   The small set is ideal to decorate our Vintage Window Seating Chart or as accents on frames, signs and mirrors.  The medium set nicely covers the top of one of our rental wall sections (8ftx4ft) while the large set is perfect for two wall sections (8ftx8ft). 

What colors are available?

We offer over 125 colors of cardstock to choose from.  Your choice of matte colors is included in the base price.  Metallic colors are an additional $50 per set.  You can choose as many or as few colors as you'd like for each set.

What styles of flowers are in each set?

Generally, each set will include a variety of our flower styles in the various sizes.  If there are specific styles you would like, please indicate them when placing your reservation.

Can I use the flowers for outdoor decor?

Yes, however outdoor installations will require an additional 50% refundable damage deposit due to elements such as wind, rain and humidity.  If the flowers are retuned damage free, the full deposit will be refunded.  Any damaged flower will incur a fee of $30 per flower.

How do you hang the flowers?

Paper flowers make the perfect decor for our backdrop walls. They can also be hung on any wall, fence, lattice, etc.  Each flower has a wire loop on the back which can be hung with a 3M Command Hook, nail, push pin, or wire tie.  Little Flower Paper Company will supply all necessary hanging materials suitable for your specific installation.

Please see our rentals page for information about reservations, deposits, delivery, set up and other frequently asked questions.